Aug 25, 2015
"Wings&Wheels" was the festivity we attended this weekend. It's a one day thing with the absolute most beautiful cars and planes EVER. We' re talking about Bugattis, Facel Vegas, the first Alfa Romeos, really old Mercedes and Jaguar roadsters and racecars and the obligate Ferrari's and Lamborghinis. So cars that should be in museums but end up being raced in. We're talking about large trailers that transport these, with a few mechanics around it. Owner comes over, gets into his toy, gets pushed to the track, starts the old machine, and it RUNS so absolutely beautiful! Like it ran in 1933 racing the 24hrs of LeMans or in Monte Carlo. Now we're getting to the disappointing part: Very very sorry about the planes, love these too, but no knowledge what so ever about the models. But most of them were all raw and pure aluminum though. So we just fitted in with the all aluminum Fieldsleeper International that we took with us. Don't know why the photo upload doesn't work, so this ends up being a shitty post, but let's ask the webdesigners that run our site. Will get back later!

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