Tonke VAN

World-class on a small footprint

Tonke VAN

Like a Swiss army knife: Compact, versatile and excellently built.

The best and most beautiful VAN in the Netherlands and far beyond. Fortunately, customers see that too. Our uncompromising quality, design and detailing. Many customers who thought they didn’t need a car (especially outdoor sports-men and women) fall for the VAN. People who thought they needed a second car sold their passenger car after a few months. This VAN is perfect for daily use. It is not longer than a passenger car, and hardly uses any more fuel. The cost of ownership is less than most passenger cars, but the Tonke VAN is much more versatile.

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The Tonke VAN is built Β by a team of professionals who are travellers themselves. Everything is functional, indestructible and beautifully executed. The roof lifts in an instant and creates headroom and an extra bed. The wide (!) couch can be transformed into a comfortable bed in no time. Four people can sleep generously and five people (optionally up to 8 people) can travel safely in seat belts. The rear couch is easy to slide, creating an incredible amount of cargo or living space. The (optional) outdoor kitchen creates a lot of space and makes the camper even more versatile.

We build the Tonke VAN based on the Volkswagen Transporter (T6.1). We also convert existing VANs (T5 or T6). We call this the “VAN Life”. Right-hand drive cars are available.

Just a bit more to love

The Tonke VAN XL gives you just a little more

Specifications Tonke VAN

  • Backseat not for 2 persons, but for 3, with 3x 3-point seat belts.
  • You don’t have to sleep on the bumpy surface of the bench, but on the back surface with a flat integrated mattress.
  • Large drawer
  • A toilet is standard
  • The backseat is removable and can slide over the entire floor length.
  • Wardrobe also accessible from the bed.
  • Kitchen with two-burner gas stove and sink with a tempered glass cover.
  • Fresh- and grey-water tank
  • Gas box with ventilation
  • Adjustable table
  • Professional removable compressor fridge.
  • Standard 2 extra gooseneck lamps for use in the lifting roof and below by the front seats and kitchen area.
  • Mechanical lifting roof with heavy duty fabric and standard three windows, incl. bed base and mattress 120x195cm.
  • Curtains in the camper section.
  • Furniture made of stable and solid birch plywood with a scratch-resistant and heat-resistant plastic coating.

Tonke in the wild

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