Tonke Fieldsleeper International

Comfortable and Versatile

Tonke Fieldsleeper International

Extreme comfort even in remote areas around the globe


The Fieldsleeper international is longer than all other Fieldsleeper models. It is exclusively available on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis (5T), with both two and four wheel drive.

Shipment to most ports around the globe.

Because the Tonke unit is detachable it fits together with the Mercedes truck in a sea container and can be shipped to most ports around the globe. This is also interesting for those who like to explore other parts of the world. Sea container shipment is safer, much cheaper and more flexible than roro (roll on, roll off) shipments. And because we don’t use LP (liquid propane, LPG) systems in this Tonke it is versatile and can be used anywhere in the world.

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A whole new concept… and 4Γ—4 or even 6Γ—6 available

No LP (liquid propane), FULLY solar powered, standard air conditioning, large battery banks, heavy inverters and large capacity water tanks for extended periods OFF-GRID. Result: this is an EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE RV even in remote areas around the world. Available both in a 110v (USA) version and a 230v version. Built not only with beauty in mind, but also extremely well built, with the finest materials and equipment mainly from the yacht industry.


The basic concept of this vehicle is based on the knowledge that is available nowadays in the yacht industry. It’s specifically developed for situations without shore power or hookups available. Until recently most RV had to run noisy generators in these cases in order to provide the energy needed by all the onboard appliances. But with an intelligent combination of a large solar array, a state of the art inverter/charger and a large battery bank this is not needed any more. The panels charge the batteries during the day and the various appliances discharge it when needed. Even short time running of the air conditioning is possible!

There is no LP (liquid propane, LPG) onboard, the heater/boiler runs on diesel, which is a. safer and b. everywhere available, the induction stove top runs on electricity which is safer and the marine quality fridge runs on electricity which cools better (compressor fridge) and doesn’t need the maintenance of an absorption fridge.

The bottle neck for extended stays off the grid is quite often the fresh water capacity. We have mounted 2 separate large water tanks with a total capacity of 68 gallon (260 liter).


Off-grid air conditioning package

With this package (Lithium Ion battery bank and extra solar panels) you can even run the air conditioning in remote areas off the grid. Without the noise of a generator! This is truly revolutionary. In most cases you’ll drive further the next day and the battery bank will be charged automatically. But if you decide to stay for another day you can charge the battery bank simply by running the vehicle engine at idle speed for just a few hours. The large advantages compared to a generator setup: a). the emissions are much cleaner (euro VI norm), b). the fuel efficiency is much higher, c). you don’t need the space and weight of a generator, d). you’ll have noise for just a few hours instead of 24 hours and e). the noise level is lower than most RV generators.

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β€œI don’t understand all this fancy stuff, can I run this RV myself?” Yes, you absolutely can. In typical operation little thoughts need to be given to this system. It you like you can have a look at the large color display that tells you all that is going on (battery capacity, water capacity, solar power, temperature). But if you don’t look at it that’s fine too. Enjoy your stay, that is the most important.


This one doesn’t come cheap, but you should not compare this vehicle with the usual RV. You may compare it to expedition vehicles, which it actually is, and will find out it’s very reasonably priced (ANDΒ much more beautiful than the typical expedition vehicle!) The price concept is simple: we fully loaded this vehicle, so that there are just a few options left.

Unloading system

The Tonke Classics are extraordinary RV, not only because of their looks and quality. With the optional unloading system the Tonke is simple to unload from the vehicle in just 10 minutes. This enables you to use the vehicle without the unit when camping. You can also place your Tonke in the garden, to be used as exclusive guest accommodation, as an inspirational workplace or as a bed & breakfast annex. With the hydraulic lifting system fitted there is only a 4β€œ step from the ground when the unit is in the low position. Sturdy wheels can be fitted to enable the unit to be moved around. This means that the unit can be driven into a garage or into storage.


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