Tonke Low Rider 360

How low can you go?

Tonke Low Rider 360

Get inspired by all posibilities we have to offer concerning styling and floorplans. The lowrider is built on a lowered chassis.

We love the proportions of the lowrider, because the build-up does not protrude the cabin of the car much. Also we think the rear lights are beautiful. The entry height has been reduced by a stunning 30 cm! This has a number of advantages, such as a lower weight, less air resistance, lower fuel consumption, lower center of gravity and better a better grip on the road. In short: a LOWRIDER! Cons? With this model the structure is not suitable for the unloading system as the other Tonke classic models.

The car you see has a slightly shortened Fieldsleeper floorplan and withoud a passage to the driver cabin. As a result the bed can be placed in front and therefore a comfortable seating area with French doors can be created in the back. We ourselves do not miss the passage to the front. At the end of the day you step out of your driver cabin and enter your beautiful tiny house on the back of your car.


Use your imagination and see the many possibilities:

  • Because the added construction is fixed to the chassis, this camper can also be built with a passage from cabin to added construction, like a β€˜normal’ camper.
  • This layout is beautiful,Β but the construction could also have a seating in the front and a fixed bed in the back, like our VANs.
  • Depending on the design, the Lowrider has 2 to 6 seats with belts and 2 to 6 sleeping arrangements.
  • This lowered chassis is also available in longer versions, and we can safely build a bit longer, because the chassis is lighter than the standard chassis.
  • There are many options in terms of colors and materials.

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