Tonke Lowrider 410

How low can you go?

Tonke Lowrider 410

Be inspirered by all the options we have to offer in terms of styling and floorplans,

The lowrider is being built on a lowered chassis. We ourselves are very fond of the proportions because the added constructionΒ is not much higher than the cabin of the car.Β Even theΒ taillightsΒ are beautiful! Because this camper is built on aΒ lowered suspension, the access height is reduced by up to 30cm.Β This has some distinct advantages, including lower weight, reduced drag, lower fuel consumption, lower center of gravity and better handling. In short: a LOWRIDER!Β Disadvantages?Β In this model the added construction is no longer removable, as with the other Classics andΒ theΒ road abilityΒ will be reduced slightly.

The car you see above has an alternative floorplan compared to the Fieldsleeper floorplan. The spacious bed has been moved to the back of the cabin which creates a passage to the driver cabin. The big advantage is the large seating area with 5 approved seats with seatbelts. The seats and table can also be turned to a comfortable bed.


Use your imagination and see the many possibilities:

  • Because the added construction is fixed to the chassis, this camper can also be built with a passage from cabin to added construction, like a β€˜normal’ camper.
  • Depending on the design, the Lowrider has 2 to 6 seats with belts and 2 to 6 sleeping arrangements.
  • This lowered chassis is also available in longer versions.
  • You can choose the floorplan, colors and materials being used.

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