Er rijden inmiddels al honderden Tonke campers rond op alle continenten. Graag delen wij een aantal ervaringen, gedeeld door Tonke ervaringsdeskundigen:


TEST 1 Testimonial Jaap

Over the years I have been lucky to experience how travelling enlightens the mind. The options how to travel however seem endless and whether by land, air or sea… all have their pros and cons. So after many years of tenting, renting, reviewing and debating we decided to buy our own VW pop-up campervan. Making the decision was a great milestone. Meeting the Tonke team soon after was the next best thing that could happen. An all experienced professional team with a personal touch was exactly what we needed to build our own custom camper – the Tonke Van XL AWD 7 seater.

In the final stages of construction we moved abroad and thus our first maiden trip was during the extreme cold winter early 2019, driving our family of four to Canada’s French speaking province Quebec. It was one of the icier, snowier weeks in February with day temperatures well below -30, dipping below -40 at night. Unlike us, the van did not experience it as a challenge. The pleasant length of the van, the rugged winter tyres, the interior build and the powerful 4Motion drivetrain offered a safe drive on long snow covered  stretches of road in the Laurentian Mountains and through the frozen cities of Ottawa and Montreal. Since then, during the past four seasons we have enjoyed truly unforgettable trips in the US states of Florida, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington D.C. and the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

We primarily use Tonke as a campervan but with the 7 available seats, it comes in handy when day tripping with a larger group. When camping, we usually setup camp with the semi attached SheltaPod. It’s a great add on multipurpose tent that can also simply be used as sun awning or gazebo to keep out the bugs. With ample storage of water (~40 fresh liters), the solar panel and the hot water shower the camper has also allowed us to spend longer stretches of time off the grid where wilderness camping takes us even closer to nature & wildlife. This summer we might be travelling to Canada’s Yukon and Nothern Territories as we take into account the challenges of the current pandemic. If all remains closed, we might  just have to camp out in our back yard and still then … camping in our campervan will enlightens us, even if it’s just around the corner in our garden.

Take care, stay safe.