Travel reports

Maiden trip with new ‘Summit’

It has been a big week.
On Monday last week we collected the TONKE Cabin and trailered it to a safe storage on a concrete floor.
Then on Thursday we were able to get the FUSO out of customs so by on Friday had it processed and certified for use on New Zealand Roads.
Cargo Photo 5.jpeg
That happening in one day is amazing!
So on Saturday we drove the 400 km south to where the Cabin was. Β It was a very rough ride as is universally predicted for the FUSO’s stiff suspension when driven without load.
It was a 400 km ride of rocking over every bump without mercy for driver or passenger.
On Sunday afternoon we mounted the cabin on the FUSO while it rained. Β It went well, Β We used walkie-talkies to stay in touch as I eased the truck back between the extended legs.
Having seen the small gap available when the Tonke cabin was lowered on the FUSO in Terheijden we had mounted the legs on 100×100 timbers to make sure there was clearance. Β This worked well and once the front coupling was in place uneven use of the legs allowed us to move the cabin a few cm side ways to catch the rear couplings.
We drove off into strong winds and were very pleased to experience a smooth ride and stability.
It was more stable than my earlier 1994 Canter with 6 berth luton cabin, even being so high off the ground.
I am pleased with the ride and safe feel.
By 700 km on the odo the engine seems to be loosening up.
On Sunday evening we went to a local open area and had a first meal out.
It was raining for the first time in months so I enjoyed the sound of rain lashing the Tonke.
Below is a picture of the TONKE reflecting the sun set after a downpour.