Travel reports

Plage de beauduc, France

I knew there was somewhere east of Saintes Maries a beach where people camp wild, but neither a roadmap nor google maps could show us how to get there. Finally someone told us how and if your car is not too wide (our Tonke VAN just fitted with less then 1 cm on both sides) you can get through the concrete barrier and drive for maybe 10k through the ‘Salins’ to get to the beach. It is a friendly chaos of kite surfers camping there for months in a row, but also young muslim families from a neighboring village spending an afternoon with their grandmothers and kids, picking up mussels in the shallow water and having a feast. We came at dawn and left at dusk, and loved it. Driving through the ‘Salins’ at dusk was stunningly beautiful with flamingos flying over in the purple sky.