Travel reports

Wildcamping not far from Paris, France

People often ask me how I find those great spots for wild camping… Well first of all: buy a good map. Scale 1cm=1km is sufficient. You won’t find the right spots on your navigation. Second of all: never camp in or near towns, roads and so on. Dirt or grass under your feet is a must, so you can make a small campfire, see 360 degree evening skies and the wildlife in the early morning.

Start looking for empty spots on the map, not near big towns, with some water, bush and preferably grassland. I like to look around so I don’t look for too much bush, but just a little so you can hide your car more or less. This is another good example. Strange to realize we were in Paris that same afternoon, just hours before getting here! The next morning a fox passed by just meters away from our vehicles.