No posts foundAlgemeenElektrische campers Hoe goed presteert een elektrische camper op verschillende soorten terrein, zoals bergen, bossen of stranden?

Elektrische campers kunnen over het algemeen goed presteren op bergachtig terrein,

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Still Busfestival 2022

Tonke Busfestival 2024

It is with great joy that we share that the Tonke Busfestival is returning!

Many of you have asked us when the next edition will take place.

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Fvd Tonke Lr 8601 Groot 1

Open on Saturdays

Would you like to see the Tonke EQV, Tonke ID. Buzz, or Tonke VAN in person? But is it difficult for you to visit during Tonke’s regular opening hours?

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Brevo Nieuwsbrief Format 560 X 314 Px 5

Preloved pearl: Tonke Classic


Every once in a while, a fantastic opportunity arises. This exquisite Tonke Classic has always been treated with care and is now waiting for a new owner ready to embark on new adventures!

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This is why the ID.Buzz is NOT a camper

Certainly! A pop-up roof is on the way for the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. But does that make it a camper?

Maarten explains in the video why the Tonke ID.Buzz is not considered a camper according to Dutch laws and regulations.

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