Tonke experts share their experiences

Meanwhile hundreds of Tonke vans are driving around on all continents. We would like to share with you some of our Tonke customers reviews and experiences:

“Never anything else”

We have had our amazing Tonke EQV for 1 year now. A fantastic van with, if you drive a bit normally, a range of 350 in winter to around 420 km in summer. Last summer, we made a wonderful trip through Sweden and Norway. The electric driving is something you get used to immediately and feels great. It is, especially in Scandinavia, no problem at all to drive from charging station to charging station. They really are several years ahead of NL in this. We never want anything else. Especially now that we also have solar panels on our roof at home, we drive 100% green when we charge during the day. What more could you want. Before this, we had a Tonke VAN, a lovely campervan. But green camper driving now far surpasses that.
-Peter en Judith

“Very happy”

We have already experienced fantastic trips with our Tonke. Sleeping 100m from the Moulin Rouge, among the vines in Champagne, staying overnight in the car park of a banquet hall after a wedding, trips with 9 friends ‘as a van’, visiting Corsica and strolling along the coast of ile de Ré are some examples. We are very happy.


As one of the very first buyers of a Tonke camper, I already understood the craftsmanship.
And I can assure you it has only got better over the past 18 years.
Amazingly beautiful motorhomes in the top segment.
And I mean top in terms of equipment, service and especially thinking along with you.
I want to be buried in one of those. If it is affordable.
Really, a very nice company.
-Hans Sibbel

“Mobile office”

Super luxurious indeed! Very happy with it. I also use it as a mobile office. And emission-free: just be able to drive into cities in the future too. And happy every time when charging; super cheap at Mercedes Ionity!
-Tonke EQV owner

“Plenty of room for wild camping”

We are soooo happy with our Tonke Van with the extra features like the air suspension, standby heater and lithium battery. That gives us all the room we need to go “into the wild”! During our trip through Sweden in 2.5 weeks, we looked for a camper spot twice and were otherwise on our own. So nice!
Making good choices in life is important; a Tonke bus camper is one of them in our lives!
-Petra en Gerrit

“Passion and energy”

Tonke. What you see is what you get.
Maarten’s passion for cars and (time) travel. Boy’s eyes tell the truth.
The fine raw place, where the magic happens.
Magic, where passionate people build very awesome robust campervans.
In the end, Tonke stands for energy and passion.
-Kris, Mieke, Rovert, Isaac en Kaasje

“Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions”

Over the years I have been lucky to experience how travelling enlightens the mind. The options how to travel however seem endless and whether by land, air or sea… all have their pros and cons. So after many years of tenting, renting, reviewing and debating we decided to buy our own VW pop-up campervan. Choosing Tonke was the best thing that could happen. An all experienced professional team with a personal touch was exactly what we needed to build our own custom camper – the Tonke Van XL AWD 7 seater.

In the final stages of construction we moved abroad and thus our first maiden trip was during the extreme cold winter early 2019, driving our family of four to Canada’s French speaking province Quebec. It was one of the icier, snowier weeks in February with day temperatures well below -30, dipping below -40 at night. Unlike us, the van did not experience it as a challenge. Since then, during the past four seasons we have enjoyed truly unforgettable trips in many US states and Canadian provinces.

We primarily use Tonke as a campervan but with the 7 available seats, it comes in handy when day tripping with a larger group. The camper has also allowed us to spend longer stretches of time off the grid where wilderness camping takes us even closer to nature & wildlife.

“Out and about with Tonke”

When I took my Tonke to my over 80-year-old father’s house for the first time a few weeks ago, the Tonke managed to get my father out of the house for the first time in 2 years to take me for a short drive around my home village. My father was very curious to be shown everything in the Tonke. So he completely forgot that he actually doesn’t like to walk anymore …. 😊

“A class of its own!”

Our Tonke EQV Touring is so beautiful and driving is really in a class of its own. Just like Tonke’s customer service!

“Very beautifully finished”

I am very happy with my Tonke camper, it looks good from the outside and is really nicely finished on the inside. The cupboards and kitchenette are great.