Tonke EQV

Electrical vehicle / office-on-wheels / travel companion / daily commuter / campervan and much more

De Tonke EQV

Enjoy emission-free

With the Tonke EQV there is even less reason to own different cars. This all-rounder is representative and incredibly comfortable, it is the perfect car for everyday use. Cycling in the back, taking surfboards, transporting a football team, visiting cities or camping in luxury; the world is at your feet. Once you drive electric, you will never want to do anything else. The Tonke EQV is quiet, clean and will surprise you with its low running costs. Pure enjoyment!
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The Tonke EQV is available in two versions: EQV Adventure and Tonke EQV Touring. Both are based on the complete Mercedes EQV with the very large 100 kWh battery pack (360 km range) and rich in options. The Tonke EQV is equipped with a heat exchanger, which means that even when you are standing still, your Tonke can heat and cool perfectly in an energy-efficient manner.

Very versatile vehicle


360km range

100kWh battery pack

Exclusive Membership

Tonke Lands (from 2023)

Fill 1
Superior driving experience

very quiet vehicle, excellent indoor climate

Superior finish


Fiscally attractive

no road tax, low addition, no bpm

Tonke outdoor kitchen

Emission-free cooking

The Tonke EQV: the latest all-electric Tonke design with an outward opening kitchen and induction cooking.

Advantages of electric driving

  • No CO2 emissions, so no environmental zone restrictions either
  • Ultimate driving comfort: quiet and comfortable driving
  • Road tax free driving
  • Charging everywhere (camping/home/(fast) charging points)
  • Low maintenance required

The Tonke EQV

...comes in two flavors

EQV Touring

EQV Adventure

  • Wide three-seater rear seat, which can be folded into a bed 145cmx203cm
  • Kitchen module in the rear (optional)
  • Cooking on two removable gas burners
  • Very flexible layout
  • Up to 7 seats

EQV Adventure

  • Two-seater rear seat convertible into a bed 110x195 cm
  • Unique outdoor kitchen
  • Two-burner induction hob and fixed 36 liter compressor cool box
  • Permanent 230V available
  • Beautiful high-quality cabinets with hinges and locks from yacht building
  • 4 standard seats (optional 5)

Tonke EQV Touring

Tonke EQV Adventure

The Tonke EQV Touring is the complete "Tonke Experience" as you already know from us. A fantastic product with the multi-award winning outdoor kitchen. Everything is well thought out and completely attuned to each other. High-quality materials, innovative design and an excellent EV as a basis make this the unique Tonke EQV Touring.

Downstairs you will find a sofa bed for two people. Furthermore, this Tonke EQV Touring is completely gas-free: you cook on induction and we install a 3000 Watt inverter, an extra lithium battery and a spacious refrigerator as standard. Many functions can be read and operated via Bluetooth. Power at your fingertips for all your equipment anywhere, anytime.

The interior is as you are used to from us: beautiful and of high quality. With a drawer under the sofa and a spacious cupboard with many doors, you have enough space to take all your things with you.

Camping or meeting with very spacious seating
5 seats (1 optional)
2 excellent beds (2 people upstairs, 2 people downstairs)
2 seats and up to 5m3 loading space
4 seats and bicycles

The Tonke EQV Adventure is for the versatile adventurer who wants maximum flexibility. A great driving EV with a flexible camper solution. Standard equipment is a three-seater rear bench seat, which easily converts into a wonderfully large bed of 145cm x 203cm. It is actually a very spacious passenger car with turnable front seats and a large sliding rear seat.

Optionally, a beautiful, removable kitchen module can be placed in the back of the car, where you can cook under the tailgate. A luxurious pop-up roof can also be installed to provide standing room and two extra sleeping places. Even two extra seats (7 seats in total) are possible.

5 seats with optional kitchen module
Comfortable full-width bed in the van
7 seats (of which 2 optional)
Camping or meeting with very spacious seating
5 seats with ample loading space
5 seats and bicycles

Kies uw Tonke EQV interieur

naar de configurator Group 7

Tonke EQV – top class luxury car

  • Electrical vehicle
  • office-on-wheels
  • campervan
  • bicycle transporter
  • love-birds’ nest
  • daily commuter
  • espresso-bar
  • style icon
  • schoolbus
  • travel companion
  • football-team transporter
  • weekend-get-away
  • swell-seeker
  • concert-hall
  • super silent I-finally- write-my-book shack
  • guilt-free wildlife-watcher hide- out
  • f*ck carbon-emissions
  • what took you so long
  • I never knew I wanted a car
  • proudly built in the Netherlands
  • I love this rock
  • I don’t want to go to Mars’
Standard rich in options, such as
  • 17” light-alloy wheels
  • Seat heating driver and passenger
  • Semi-automatic climate control TEMPMATIC
  • Digital radio (DAB+)
  • Standard driving assistance systems
  • Parktronic parking sensors front/rear with sound/MBUX with Navigation
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Cruise control

Dutch innovation
& craftmanship

Each Tonke is built with care and attention at our workshop in Terheijden. By continuously innovating, we guarantee you ultimate motorhome pleasure.

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