Tonke outdoor kitchen

Emission-free cooking

The Tonke EQV: the latest all-electric Tonke design with an outward turning kitchen and induction cooking.

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The outdoor kitchen includes

  • Two burner induction stove
  • The kitchen front can be folded up inside to create a stable table without leg
  • Lots of workspace
  • Spacious integrated 36L compressor refrigerator
  • 19L clean water tank
  • Lots of storage space, including two handy soft-close drawers
  • Deep sink with beautiful design tap

Cooking both indoors and outdoors

Open the sliding door, turn the kitchen out and you are ready to cook outside. Is it raining or is the sun too bright? Turn the kitchen with pans and all inside and continue cooking from the couch. Super handy!

What makes the Tonke EQV completely unique is that the motorhome is completely gas-free. The outdoor kitchen is equipped with an induction stove with two spacious hobs.

Outdoor kitchen with plenty of storage space

Due to the compact and innovative design of the Tonke kitchen, there is more than enough space. Never again do you have to look for that one crate where you put the knives and pans in. With a spacious compartment and two soft-close drawers, you always have all your kitchen utensils within reach. You can choose from different finishes and colors to make the Tonke EQV completely to your liking.


The outdoor kitchen is equipped with two hobs, a design tap with sink and plenty of storage options.

Two worktops are also incorporated in the kitchen unit. Inside, you fold the worktop to create a spacious legless table. Outside, you fold up a tray on the side for extra workspace while cooking. This way you always have enough space to cook or have a drink.

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Tonke EQV

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