Electric campervan

More than ever, people are interested in buying an electrical campervan. Technological advancements in the automotive industry have allowed manufacturers to build reliable and comfortable electric campervans with longer ranges, like the Mercedes-Benz EQV. This new electric van is the basis for the all-electric campervan Tonke EQV.

Electric campervan advantages

The Tonke EQV is a great electric camper van. Advantages of the van include but aren’t limited to:

  • Fiscally attractive: Owners of electrical vehicles receive all kinds of benefits in multiple European countries. *
  • Avoid high gas and service prices: electricity is cheaper than gas in most cases. Electrical vehicles also have lower operating and service costs.
  • 360 km range: The Tonke EQV has a range of up to 360 km, allowing you to drive this distance with cargo.
  • Multipurpose vehicle: The Tonke EQV can be used for multiple purposes; both for holidays and year-round as a (secondary) every day vehicle. *

*  Subject to local laws. Inquire with your (local) government to ensure that certain rules and regulations apply in your area.

Multipurpose electrical vehicle

The Tonke EQV isn’t just an electrical campervan, it can be used for multiple purposes depending on your personal wishes. Some of our customers use our vans as offices-on-wheels or for their daily commute. We offer two different trims, the Tonke EQV Adventure and the Tonke EQV Touring, which are further customizable with different options.

Electric Campervan Conversion By Tonke

Electric campervan conversion

All Tonke EQV’s are produced in our workshop in Terheijden in The Netherlands, close to Breda. We receive the Mercedes-Benz EQV’s here and convert them to campervans. We can install multiple options on the vehicle, including:

  • Different interior designs: you can choose between multiple materials and colors for the cupboards and upholstery.
  • Panaroma sunroof or lifting roof: choose between the standard roof, the lifting roof with a luxurious double bed or panorama sunroof.
  • Air-conditioning: choose between a fully automatic or semi-automatic air conditioning system.
  • Other options: Other options include but are not limited to a folding toilet, curtains, window bag, external shower, removable seats, extra mattresses, a table and winter tires.

Cooking with an EQV camper van

The Tonke EQV Touring includes an induction stove in the outward turning kitchen. You’re able to cook emission-free anywhere, inside or outside. The kitchen is a great addition for anyone looking to cook with electricity while camping or outdoors. The Tonke EQV Adventure has an optional kitchen which can be installed in the back of the vehicle.

Interested in the Tonke EQV electric campervan?

Are you interested in the Tonke EQV and would you like more information? Request the Tonke EQV brochure or start designing your own.