Dutch craftmanship & innovation

It all started in the late summer of 2005. During a beautiful sunset on a hilltop of the vast grain plains in France, Maarten van Soest conceived the Tonke Classic. A camper with nothing but strong features: a safe and modern car and a superstructure with the appearance of a gypsy car with a luxurious sailing yacht interior. In addition to his daughter Tonke, the company (which he named after his daughter) was also born.

Tonke Fieldsleeper2

Since then, the Tonke company has continued to develop. Physically we have outgrown ourselves: we have gone from one hall to three halls. We have developed the Tonke VAN. This model has been awarded several times by the public for its design. The latest model is the EQV, a unique all-electric design. You can encounter Tonke campers in the wild in all corners of the world.

But what has not changed is the craft and quality. Every Tonke, whether it is a Classic, EQV or a VAN, is built by us with care and attention in the workshop in Terheijden. We only use high-quality materials, such as stainless steel hinges and locks from yacht building.

At Tonke, craft and innovation go hand in hand, so we continue to develop constantly. To make the construction process even more efficient, we have purchased a CNC machine. The CNC machine can robotically mill parts for the cabinet sets of the motorhomes from a large wooden plate with super accuracy and efficiency. In concrete terms, this means that we are less dependent on suppliers, can implement innovations faster and guarantee even higher quality.